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Tricks and Treats

A pumpkins sits on newspapers spread on a table. Slimy pumpkin innards exude from the unhappy-looking pumpkin’s mouth.
Plucky’s Puking Pumpkin

Happy Hallows

I miss carving pumpkins with the fam but they find ways to make me smile.

Rocky Horror Show closed last night. My evenings are mine once again! It was a really fun show and I met some great people but, as always happens right after a show, I’m feeling extremely anti-social. Apologies in advance for un-returned phone calls and emails. Not that I’ll have a lot of time for socializing…

I’ve been tricked more so than treated this year- I work tonight, Sat and Sun. So much for a weekend. It didn’t even occur to me to ask for Sunday off, since I’ve been working a Fri-Sat schedule. I was grumbling about fewer hours but this means I won’t really regain sanity until… a week from now when I hopefully have a day off. In the meantime, I think early bedtimes are in order- and better meals. Hopefully, this will help me muster energy to figure out what the hell to do with all of the stuff in our apartment and car. Does anyone want to purchase an alien costume? Super cheap!

Curiously, as run down as I feel physically, I keep getting spurts of creative energy. I found myself scribbling furiously on the bus ride home from work yesterday. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting my laptop back (it was borrowed to do projection on Rocky)!

Happy Anniversary, Bear!

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Re: photo caption — ANY SoCo is too much. *shudders*

Lord. It’s been… Er… 8 years now? I think it must’ve been the cast party for the fall Shakespeare show in 2000. And I still can’t drink the stuff. (I’ll admit I haven’t tried recently, but I also don’t feel the need to. Just the thought is enough, thanks.)

In other news: I forgot to send you an anniversary card! Bad Sara! Happy anniversary!


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