Your Moment of WTF

Jenny McGee here, with this offering, fresh outta the Twitterverse.

Bella’s Womb. Made. out. of. felt.

Are YOU hankered with that Crafty Feeling? Felt a uterus swollen with demon spawn! Now with spine-crushing, womb-ripping mutant fetus!

Folks, I couldn’t make this up. Cause seriously, W. T. F.

The Wrong has yet to subside from where I’m sitting.

One reply on “Your Moment of WTF”

I… yeah. Thanks for sharing… I think.

Seriously. WTF? This may actually beat out my previous record-holder for The Crazy (separate category from The Wrong) in fandom. And it’s pretty damned hard to beat multiple women fighting over who’s Professor Snape’s REAL wife on the astral plane, y’all. This is not an achievement to be proud of.


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