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Detesting the Term Webmistress

I’m not sleeping with the webmaster and I’m certainly not sleeping with the entire web. I am the webmaster, not the webmistress. Am I nuts? Does the connotation of the word ‘webmistress’ bother anyone else? As promised, here is the link to Starrynight Productions. As webmaster, I’d love some feedback. There are a ton of […]

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Lotion Geysers and Other Tales

My pump hand lotion congealed [any laughs from the Liss sector? Dad?] and shot a beautiful arc of lotion three feet and onto me and my keyboard. Luckily, the keyboard was easily cleaned and the $125 book I was cataloging at the time remained pristine. Nothing like hand lotion to grease up your hair. Grimace. […]


She Loves Her Some Cheese

Words that actually came out of my mouth this evening: Don’t run over my cheese! -Me Technically, these words were yelled- at a considerable volume- to an unsuspecting fellow shopper, who narrowly missed running over the dropped half pound of Lorraine swiss. I ran to the deli counter, plucked up the wayward bag of cheese, […]

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Of Things that are Good

Libraries My public library saves me $275 a month. How much is your library worth to you? Banging on Random Objects Tim (a.k.a., the coolest here’s-a-free-ticket guy ever) let me tag along with him to see STOMP last night at the IU Auditorium. Good times! The show runs tonight also, should anyone be looking for […]


Thespian Shenanigans

Hah! This *almost* made me feel better. And then I ate lunch. And then lunch came back with a vengeance. Meh… The group Improv Everywhere converged on Grand Central Station and you’ll never believe what they did. Nothing. My favorite part is the poke. Check it out, you’ll see.