Education Politics

Posturing and Empty Gestures

In which a couple of Indiana state legislators are suddenly interested in providing funding for public schools—and no discernible educational benefit can be found.


Grizzly vs Voter

In which I have a grizzly reaction to “mama grizzly” rhetoric.

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Books and Plays and Things

I chose to work this MLK Jr Day. I am one of two people present in my unit  and maybe one of ten present in the entire cataloging division. I’m rather enjoying the quiet though. I am desperately trying to get through Sense and Sensibility before I watch the movie (1995 with Kate Winslet, Emma […]

Life Musical Interlude Politics

Yes we can.

Many bloggers are posting music videos to sum up their sentiments upon the announcement of our President-elect. My first reaction was, psha, right, as if some pop song could sum up the multitude of things that I’m feeling right now. Oh right, I’m an instrumentalist. So here is my musical offering (with no offense to […]

Non-fiction Voting

We, the People

I began writing about my voting experience and, for whatever reason, it came out as a personal narrative instead of my usual ramble. It wasn’t quite suited for posting on Puddles. I’ll post fragments here, since the whole thing is rather stream of conscious and hard to follow (and edit!). The result is quite brief, […]

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Sociopolitical Ramble

Politics does not exist in a vacuum. Contrary to popular belief, ‘politics’ isn’t a dirty word either. It is simply policies that govern a society. I haven’t given much thought as to how current political events, namely, the election, will shape our society. Nancy asked me a question last night: whether blacks voting for Obama […]

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If John Cleese says so…

…then I am in no position to argue. John Cleese gives his brief thoughts on Palin becoming Vice President. OK, so he isn’t saying anything truly earth-shaking; plenty of us have been saying this since McCain announced his veep pick. Still, “Monty Python could have written this.” I’d laugh if this scenario wasn’t so terrifyingly […]

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Ah, the Weekend

I finally got my hands on a copy of Neil Gaiman’s latest, The Graveyard Book (surprisingly, the hold list wasn’t too long at the library).  I have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve read thus far! I know I will want to go back and listen to Gaiman reading the book, which anyone can do for free […]


Two Weeks

“Two minutes… get your shit together.” Thanks to Kristen, for introducing me to George Carlin’s “Two Minute Warning,” which I believe is from On the Road. This is your two week warning. You have a little less than two weeks to register to vote in Indiana. Failing to do so will prohibit you from voting […]


Happy Constitution Day

Today marks the anniversary of the signing of our Constitution. I’d like to be able to wax glowingly on how well our elected officials have defended my constitutional rights. Sadly friends, in the last eight years, we’ve suffered from privacy invasions and censorship, while our government has launched illegal wars at the cost of lives […]