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Stop and Smell the Flowers

If the announcement that I will be starting a new position didn’t tip you off, you might be able to deduce as much from my sudden rash of library-related posts. Over the last two weeks, my brain has been switched into overdrive. This is all well and good but I’m beginning to think that maybe […]

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Tag, You’re It

Experienced Tweeters know to use hashtags to make it easier for others to follow a specific topic. A hashtag might be used for a general topic, such as #TV or #haiku. Professionals often hashtag conferences such as #ALAMW09 (American Library Association Midwinter Meeting 2009). I’ve seen a few professors encourage their students to get accounts […]

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If you are following me on Twitter, you already know that Tim and I hit the road Saturday morning for Columbus, Ohio to see the musical Spring Awakening at Palace Theatre. Tim already gave an account of the weekend and, since I’m feeling lazy, I won’t recount every detail. I enjoyed the show and the […]

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Books and Plays and Things

I chose to work this MLK Jr Day. I am one of two people present in my unit  and maybe one of ten present in the entire cataloging division. I’m rather enjoying the quiet though. I am desperately trying to get through Sense and Sensibility before I watch the movie (1995 with Kate Winslet, Emma […]

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Making with the Crazies

I haven’t had much time to think about anything but Rocky lately; nonetheless, I will try to make sure that my posts don’t become too ‘blah Rocky blah blah’. This is just Week One, after all. That being said, I want to get another plug in, simply because I am so proud of this cast […]

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If John Cleese says so…

…then I am in no position to argue. John Cleese gives his brief thoughts on Palin becoming Vice President. OK, so he isn’t saying anything truly earth-shaking; plenty of us have been saying this since McCain announced his veep pick. Still, “Monty Python could have written this.” I’d laugh if this scenario wasn’t so terrifyingly […]


Tempestuousness in the Park

Last night, I saw a tech rehearsal of The Tempest, directed by Ben Aldred and produced by our very own Monroe County Civic Theater. I’m a fan of Ben’s work (Marx Bros. meet Will in Twelfth Night, 2006) and was intrigued by his concept for The Tempest. Roy (Prospero) continues to bowl me over with […]

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I had an appointment with my doctor this morning to stock up on allergy-related prescriptions. I am NOT going to suffer this year. The opening weekend of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf went very well. We had a good sized-house opening night and received great feedback from folks after the shows. There is a review […]

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Taxing Times

Sorry to those I have been neglecting! Russell’s job is keeping me busy. Yes, I know, I’m not sure how he cons me into it either. People seem to think that we have co-founded Starrynight Productions. Folks, I have my own career to worry about. That is all Russell. He has done all of the […]

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Rachmoninov is so Emo

I kid. On with the post! It’s been a hard month, culminating in a pretty draining week this week. I’ve barely seen Russell, who is either rehearsing for Woolf, in production meetings for Willy Wonka Jr., keeping up with Reva stuff, or working two part-time day jobs. Oh and Starrynight’s season needs to be beefed […]