BEDA Wrap-up

My final BEDA. I have to say I’m glad it’s over. I like the exercise of writing every day but I do not like the idea of having to PUBLISH these daily scribbles for the world to see. My writing this month has been crap. I’m not capable of being ‘on’ all of the time. […]

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In which She Tries to be Smarter

I started a post this morning on the bus but my WordPress app ate it. Trying again. I will be back-dating this post for yesterday’s missed BEDA and then I will post my final BEDA tonight. Wednesday was a hump day in more ways than one. I’ve been emotionally drained lately. I’ve been pulled in […]

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Posts that Might Have Been

I didn’t leave enough time to blog today. I was busy dancing among TEI elements and figuring out how the XML editor, <oXygen />, works. Also: eating strawberries, cataloging one or two books, learning about dinosaurs (via cataloging) and doing more research on bird watching iPhone apps. Things you may have been lucky enough to […]

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On Readability

I made a note to self on yesterday’s blog because I KNEW I was going to forget to blog this- AGAIN. So, my rant on readability! I read almost all of my news via RSS. I enjoy reading news this way not just because it’s is convenient but because I can read content without struggling […]

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The Weekend, an Account

A negative side effect of Blog Every Day in April: I’m constantly reminded of how dull I am. And now the rest of the world knows it too. Fail. Well, for those still following along at home, here are some highlights from my weekend. The style sheets for the Starrynight Productions website were magically fixed. […]


Zombies Ate Darcy. The End.

I have it. It is in my hands. For good reason, gentle reader, I will not be posting at length today. There are useful skills to be learned from the zombie-repelling Bennett girls. I must study. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in posession of brains must be in want of more […]

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

If the announcement that I will be starting a new position didn’t tip you off, you might be able to deduce as much from my sudden rash of library-related posts. Over the last two weeks, my brain has been switched into overdrive. This is all well and good but I’m beginning to think that maybe […]

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E-books, Where are You Taking Us?

At the last Technical Services Department meeting, I heard an administrator talk about (among other things) the future of libraries and cataloging. She mentioned e-books and how this format may change the publishing industry. Since then, I’ve seen a thread on the AUTOCAT listserv on how to catalog a Kindle- the actual device- so that […]

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Tag, You’re It

Experienced Tweeters know to use hashtags to make it easier for others to follow a specific topic. A hashtag might be used for a general topic, such as #TV or #haiku. Professionals often hashtag conferences such as #ALAMW09 (American Library Association Midwinter Meeting 2009). I’ve seen a few professors encourage their students to get accounts […]

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In which She Cleans Up

In preparation for my new position, I’ve been methodically doing bits of cleaning at my desk so that I won’t have to do it all at once when I move. I found a few sheets from an old word of the day calendar. The words are niveous, sequacious, nugatory, persiflage, and syllepsis. I’m not sure […]