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We, the People

I began writing about my voting experience and, for whatever reason, it came out as a personal narrative instead of my usual ramble. It wasn’t quite suited for posting on Puddles. I’ll post fragments here, since the whole thing is rather stream of conscious and hard to follow (and edit!). The result is quite brief, […]


Two Weeks

“Two minutes… get your shit together.” Thanks to Kristen, for introducing me to George Carlin’s “Two Minute Warning,” which I believe is from On the Road. This is your two week warning. You have a little less than two weeks to register to vote in Indiana. Failing to do so will prohibit you from voting […]

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Taxing Times

Sorry to those I have been neglecting! Russell’s job is keeping me busy. Yes, I know, I’m not sure how he cons me into it either. People seem to think that we have co-founded Starrynight Productions. Folks, I have my own career to worry about. That is all Russell. He has done all of the […]

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Lotion Geysers and Other Tales

My pump hand lotion congealed [any laughs from the Liss sector? Dad?] and shot a beautiful arc of lotion three feet and onto me and my keyboard. Luckily, the keyboard was easily cleaned and the $125 book I was cataloging at the time remained pristine. Nothing like hand lotion to grease up your hair. Grimace. […]