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Taxing Times

Sorry to those I have been neglecting! Russell’s job is keeping me busy. Yes, I know, I’m not sure how he cons me into it either. People seem to think that we have co-founded Starrynight Productions. Folks, I have my own career to worry about. That is all Russell. He has done all of the hard work getting Starrynight off the ground, I really can’t take any of the credit. I only get pulled in when he desperately needs another warm body- or when he needs a website. I couldn’t resist that one. What better way to learn than to do? So yes, Starrynight Productions=Russell McGee. He’s the man behind the curtain folks.

For the first time EVER I waited until the last minute to do our taxes. Luckily, ours are pretty straight forward and easily knocked out on a quiet Sunday morning. In an odd way, I felt part of something. I commiserated with my fellow taxpayers while standing in line yesterday at the post office (while out running for props, screws and miscellaneous set pieces for the Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf set build). I heard some horror stories from others in terms of what they owe. I also chatted up some people who have a home business to try and pick up ways to save on next years. Thankfully, we don’t owe and will be getting a comfy sum back. Maybe we can take a vacation after all (although sadly, we still can’t afford a trip to the UK like we had hoped, which is a huge disappointment). Still, it’d be nice to disappear for a week. There are plenty of pleasant places to do that on this continent that won’t bankrupt us. We could really use the break.

I’m STILL reading These Three Remain– and it’s through no fault of the writing that I am laboring over this title, I just haven’t had time. And I keep getting more great recommendations from people. I miss reading! Stupid need for sleep. Grumble.

I realized this morning that primaries are coming up very soon (Indiana’s are May 6th) and I still haven’t really done any homework. I liked Star’s idea of committing to blogging about key contenders in an effort to learn something about each. Perhaps I’ll do my own version here. In particular, I was interested in checking each candidate’s track record in terms of how they voted on certain issues in the past. I have a feeling I’ve seen relevant resources pop up on the Librarians’ Internet Index feed. Perhaps I can make a mini-pathfinder out of my little project. Reader, stay tuned.