TOP is 40

Happy birthday, Tower of Power. I was delighted to find some vids on YouTube of the band in its early days.

For comparison:
Knock Yourself Out, 1973. Check out Lenny’s suit!
Knock Yourself Out, 2006. Featuring the original rhythm section (Garibaldi + Rocco + Chester) w/Santana.
What is Hip?, 1973ish? White tails and limbs akimbo.
What is Hip?, 2006. Same show as above w/Santana.

More fun:
Soul with a Capital S, 2006.
Diggin’ on James Brown, 2008. Hah! Larry Braggs. I love TOP’s current front man.
Only so Much Oil in the Ground, 2006. “No excuse for our abuse,” from Urban Renewal (1975).
National Anthem, 2006. Gorgeous. I think that one commenter was right, there is a bit of You’re Still a Young Man laid in at the end. Le sigh.
Oakland Stroke, 2006. Love Roger on keys.