Cursedstorm.com is a playground. I use this domain to learn and play.

This page functions primarily as a placeholder, hence the lack of navigation to other pages.

Significant content can be found on my blogs, which are listed on this page.

What I hope to learn

  1. CSS
  2. How to use WordPress as a CMS
  3. A little PHP
  4. Web accessibility
  5. Neat things


Diversions will abound! Eventually.

Who are you?

A student of life. Also: sometime gardener, crafter, hiker, reader, writer, artist, librarian, traveler, listener, historian, and sylvan-creature.

How often will you update?

Erm, difficult to say? My interests vary and updating this site is a low priority at the moment. However, if you are curious about what I'm up to, Puddles is updated fairly frequently.

My Blogs

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