Diversions Holidays


In which mangers are blocks and bits of glass.

Today I learned about minimalist nativity scenes. Haven’t seen one? Go search for it. I’ll wait.

I couldn’t find a public domain image to post here. (Instead, I opted for an image of nativity scene featuring a DeLorean that has crashed into the barn, à la Back to the Future.)

One minimalist example featured flat pieces of colored glass that, when stood on end in a wooden tray, represent the central characters of the scene. Another specimen consisted entirely of rectangular colored blocks that conveniently packed away into a storage box that doubles as a barn. How diverting!

I saw that The Guardian wrote an article about minimalist nativity scenes back in 2012, so this is hardly a new phenomenon.

Our trees are up and the candles are in the windows. That’s about as festive as it gets around here. Oh, and Sara’s ginger snap cookies. Scrummy.