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In which She Cleans Up

In preparation for my new position, I’ve been methodically doing bits of cleaning at my desk so that I won’t have to do it all at once when I move. I found a few sheets from an old word of the day calendar. The words are niveous, sequacious, nugatory, persiflage, and syllepsis. I’m not sure why I saved these. They are pretty nifty words. Must try to work them into writing or speech.

In addition to physical cleaning, I did LOTS of cleaning of a bibliographic nature today. I handle most of the cataloging problems in my current position and there are a few tough ones still sitting around so I resolved those or to the extent they could be at least. I fear we may never know what book belongs in that wayward phase box… It feels good to get those shelves empty. I’m pretty much done with problems (although seven more were just delivered after lunch). It will never end but in two weeks, it will be a problem for someone other poor soul.

I’m looking forward to the new job. A joint Digital Library Program-Techinical Services Dept project to encode texts of Indiana Authors is in forging ahead to the planning stages. I have lots of reading to do in XML and TEI (luckily, only TEI is new to me, XML is old hat). I’m excited about the education aspect of my new job. There are likely to be workshops and things to attend and this makes me happy. I think I will like project management a whole lot more once I know more about what I’m talking about. I look forward to getting to know new people, learning new things. Just excitement all around.

Speaking of excitement, I have plans to go to a greenhouse today. It will be a miracle if I don’t end up uber-splurging on myself and coming home with armfuls of greenery. I need some more plants for that window I’ll have in two weeks. At least, that is what I’m telling myself. Tim: you might need to rein me in. Just saying.