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Human? Or…

My day was uber-relaxed. After a morning walk with Tim, I got back to the apartment and, in spite of my best efforts to the contrary, I ended up taking a mid-morning nap on the couch. I actually felt better afterward though, unlike my usual experience of waking up feeling like a zombie.

I finished reading Ink Exchange, which I didn’t enjoy as much as Wicked Lovely but was satisfied with the ending. I can’t elaborate though, I’d hate to give anything away. I was compelled by Ani and her background. Perhaps we’ll learn a bit more about her in Fragile Eternity, which comes out this week. Hopefully, the public library gets it cataloged quickly. I’m first on hold.

Russell and I watched what was available of Being Human today. This BBC series follows the adventures of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who share a rented house and attempt to blend in and be, well, human. The characters are likable, their back-stories are interesting but it’s the show’s study of humanity that kept me watching. It may not be for everyone but it may be worth a try.

This is yet another brief and boring post I’m afraid. Frankly, reading up on TEI is sounding more interesting than writing more about my day.