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In which I promise to play with Anthologize, a blog-to-print-and-digital-publication plugin.

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E-books, Where are You Taking Us?

At the last Technical Services Department meeting, I heard an administrator talk about (among other things) the future of libraries and cataloging. She mentioned e-books and how this format may change the publishing industry. Since then, I’ve seen a thread on the AUTOCAT listserv on how to catalog a Kindle- the actual device- so that […]

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Play nice and share

A life philosophy? Sure, sure. Contrawise, I want to see if anyone else is using Google Documents. If not, is anyone interested in trying it out? I’d like to play around with Google Doc’s shared document feature. If you’re interested, email me. Ebook training today. W00t! It’s quite similar to electronic resource cataloging, with some […]

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OK, the last topic for IUL2.0! Anyone feeling sentimental? Hand raise? Head shake? I pulled up CSS mastery: advanced web standards solutions by Andy Budd on NetLibrary (I wasn’t able to download it). I can see the usefulness of having reference books such as this one in electronic format. I can save a copy and […]