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Making with the Crazies

I haven’t had much time to think about anything but Rocky lately; nonetheless, I will try to make sure that my posts don’t become too ‘blah Rocky blah blah’. This is just Week One, after all. That being said, I want to get another plug in, simply because I am so proud of this cast and crew and what they’ve accomplished.

This show is raunchy- more so than the movie. As time goes on and crowds get larger and more- uh, appreciative (read: misbehaved), the cast will be amping it up to match. A definite must see for virgins and long-time fans, especially for those who’ve never seen Rocky live.

We have a four piece band (who, thankfully, gets the creative team’s humor and finds ways to contribute), 10-inch heels (Frank TOWERS over everyone in the cast), movie projection integrated into the show, oh and gorgeous people wearing next to nothing. Did I get all of the selling points? Oo-ooh no, because I forgot to mention sex toys, water guns, and Brad’s tighty-whiteys.

Gather your props, ready your lungs, prime your vocal chords and join us for some good ol’ fashioned debauchery.

Aim to misbehave.