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Rachmoninov is so Emo

I kid. On with the post!

It’s been a hard month, culminating in a pretty draining week this week. I’ve barely seen Russell, who is either rehearsing for Woolf, in production meetings for Willy Wonka Jr., keeping up with Reva stuff, or working two part-time day jobs. Oh and Starrynight’s season needs to be beefed up. No worries, Russ, just tackle that in your spare time. The man is insane. Reader, I love him.

Speaking of new productions, after the Banshee performance last night, we met Marc at the Waldron to discuss space rental for the Show-That-May-Not-Yet-Be-Named. Russ and I are really psyched about STMNYBN and waiting on the rights to come through with Samuel French is killing us. I really want to talk up this show now. We have some pretty big plans for STMNYBN, which means we need some pretty big sponsors. It is difficult to raise funds for a show you’re not sure that you can do. Argh.

Rant tangent completed, the meeting went well, no surprises. When Russ and I finally got in the car to head home, the Rach 3.1 was on WFIU. I can’t think of a more perfect accompaniment of my emotional state at that moment, which was no doubt being empathically influenced by Russell’s mood. Oh, the longing, the passion, the hint of despair, the desperation, the angst!

I just read Star’s post today and found myself nodding frequently. My blog hasn’t been very exciting. If I’m not whining about stress (as I am now), I’m trying to promote theatre. There really is more in my life- I just don’t have time for it right now. Can I vacation now?

All said, I do enjoy helping behind the scenes. I love collaborative experiences and working towards a common goal. I really enjoy meeting interesting people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It happens that I also like staying home at night, often by myself, and reading or writing or just relaxing to music. I like taking the time to study… stuff. I have a new fascination with image archives. Museum and library websites are SO much better these days. Even though I sometimes miss my quiet, simple life, I do love working in the arts.

On that note, I should remind all that there are two- that’s right, only two performances left of The Babbling Banshee! Come out and see us at the Cinemat tonight or drop by Rachael’s Cafe tomorrow night- both performances at 7pm. Be there or be… somewhere else, which is undoubtedly far less desirable and wanting in the way of excellent company.

3rd Piano Concerto, Sergei Rachmoninov
Girl Anachronism, Dresden Dolls