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If John Cleese says so…

…then I am in no position to argue. John Cleese gives his brief thoughts on Palin becoming Vice President. OK, so he isn’t saying anything truly earth-shaking; plenty of us have been saying this since McCain announced his veep pick. Still, “Monty Python could have written this.” I’d laugh if this scenario wasn’t so terrifyingly close to being reality. Vote people. Please.

If my previous post wasn’t a good indication of how I spent my weekend, I will summarize: Rocky Horror tech week. Time was spent doing publicity, tickets, programs and painting the set. However, I did get a nice reprive on Sunday: Tim, Sara and I had a Firefly-thon. Yay!

I meant this to be a longer post, in which I chatted about the dangers of paint fumes + empty stomach while climbing around on 15′ scaffolding, the highly politicized Nobel Prize pick in Economics, Paul Krugman (google him, there are articles aplenty if you’re interested), my lack of progress with The Graveyard Book (love the first chapter and a half though!), reasons why I enjoy watching The Lost Boys more than Interview with the Vampire, and why I really need to head back home and hide this Thanksgiving but probably can’t.

Ah well, maybe more later when my brain doesn’t feel like scrambled eggs.