Education Politics

Posturing and Empty Gestures

In which a couple of Indiana state legislators are suddenly interested in providing funding for public schools—and no discernible educational benefit can be found.

An article from the Indy Star today:

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and state Sen. Pete Miller, R-Avon, Thursday said they believed more cops—called school resource officers—in schools will keep them more safe and proposed a bill aimed at making that happen… The bill would set aside $10 million in state money and allow public schools to apply for matching grants to hire officers to work in schools.


Hiring teachers and librarians and compensating them fairly? YES.
Funding arts and music programs? YES.
Increasing foreign language instruction? YES.
Supporting athletics programs? YES.

I’m tired of empty political gestures. And, judging by the negative backlash in every media outlet I’ve checked, so is the rest of the constituency.