L is for learning. L is for libraries.

In which a blog is begun.

When I heard that IU Libraries had adapted the PLCMC Learning 2.0 program, I was excited. I first heard about the program from Michael Stephen’s blog about a year ago. I followed the program (though I didn’t actually participate), curious about how Web 2.0 was being applied in libraries.

Although I’m already familiar with blogs, wikis, RSS, Flickr, etc., I am thankful for the IU incarnation of this project for one reason: I finally have no excuse for not having a blog. I’ve been meaning to create one just for myself (I don’t count the Oliver Crumb blog, because I served as an administrator during the brief time that the show was in production), but couldn’t justify the time that would be spent playing around with a blog of my own.

Of the 7.5 lifelong learning habits, I’d say goals and initiative are my strongest habits. I know what I want and I’m good at garnering resources to fill my “toolbox.” I follow through with my plans and I’m usually pretty good at responding to unforeseen challenges with a positive attitude. Sadly, I definitely fall flat on my face in the “play” department (work-related play, that is). I get projects done but I don’t allow myself a lot of time for play. Although play is listed as a half of a habit, it is probably one of the most important. I’m not going to learn anything about podcasting until I allow myself time to goof around with the applications.

So here’s my new goal: use this L2.0 experience to create web-me 2.0. It doesn’t matter that my workload isn’t easing up or that Life has a habit of happening. When it rains, it pours. I’m gonna play in the puddles.

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Congrats…. Mine needs updating bad, I will get that done someday. Welcome to the blogging club. : )


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