JenSpace and Flickr

I set up a flickr account over a year ago just to see what the fuss was about. I uploaded three photos and then promptly ignored the account. I am not a huge picture-taker. If you were to collect photo evidence of my existence between the years 2004-present, you would probably be compelled to file a death certificate. I’m that bad about taking pictures. I’ll try to work on this. In the meantime, who wants to chip in for a new digital camera? Takers?

A useful thing I learned today: how to organize my photos into sets. I have one set with a total of THREE photos (and all so originally titled). Nice. I was happy to see how easy it was to post to your blog directly from flickr by listing your blog in your flickr account. I’m not sure I liked how I customized the photos to post, but it’s easy to change later.

So above is a year-old pic of my desk.These days it is considerably more… lived in (read: messy- a sure sign of productivity!).