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I’m posting once again for the L2.0 project- this time on three of my favorite add-ons for Firefox.

1. Cooliris Previews – mouse over any link and see a small preview of that page in a pop-up box. This is an excellent tool for scanning through google search results quickly!

2. Firebug – my new best friend. This is a web development tool that allows you to examine (and edit live) HTML, CSS and javascript in any webpage you are viewing. I used Firebug to tweak the new layout.

3. PDF Download – for whatever reason, opening a pdf file within Firefox occasionally locks up my browser. This extension gives you control over how a pdf file opens and/or saves.

What are your favorite Firefox extensions?

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Oh, I haven’t played with that one yet, I’ll check it out. I’m a complete novice with CSS, so these types of tools have been a huge help in getting started.


Can’t use Firefox anymore, because it’s too much of a memory hog. 😦 At home, I literally can’t run it and anything else. I forget why I switched at work, though. Hrm. Maybe just for consistency’s sake.When I was using it, though–AdBlock Plus was my absolutely indispensable extension. I was also fond of ForecastFox. (Little blue thermometers of DOOOOOOM make those freezing winter days so much more bearable, somehow. Or at least more fun.) I also used a few other extensions to customize the tabbed browsing experience, but I can’t think of which ones they were exactly just now. And the TinyURL extension that let me create TinyURLs from my right-click menu. (Or maybe it was Shorl… I can’t remember which.)


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