On with the L2.0 exercises, this time on RSS and newsfeeders…

I’ve known about newsreaders for quite some time but I’ve never really gotten into using them. I do, however, depend on RSS feeds, which I usually pile into either my bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks folder in Firefox. Bloglines is pretty easy to use. The biggest advantage is that I can access my favorite feeds from anywhere (say, when I go to the UK next year and I’m paying by the minute in a cybercafe). It can be tiresome managing feeds through browsers on different machines.

One reply on “Bloglines”

I live on RSS feeds too. I could never keep up with blogs and news and stuff without them. I’ve been using Google Reader, on the same principle as you give for Bloglines–access from anywhere. Trying to coordinate programs between work and home is even worse when you use a different OS at home and therefore can’t even get the same RSS reader software! Google’s been ever so slightly buggy, though, so I might have to check out Bloglines.


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