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I’ve been meaning to create an account at LibraryThing for quite some time now but the thought of cataloging my entire library… I would definitely need to upgrade to a paid account ($25 for a lifetime membership seems pretty reasonable to me). I decided to add a few books to my library that I’m currently reading, re-reading or have read within the last month (I don’t necessarily own these- in fact I cataloged two of these titles at work and decided to check them out).

I liked the social networking dimension, even though I don’t have the time to haunt the groups and discussion lists at the moment. Also, the suggester/unsuggester tools seemed pretty accurate for the few searches I did.

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Jennifer, I too had been meaning to create an account at LibraryThing. Now that I did, I am having a wonderful time cataloging my own private collection of books! I do not, however, have quite the number of books you do. 🙂


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