iGoogle, Yes I Do

I’m avoiding doing any real work on the IU Libraries 2.0 project. Instead I’ll rant about random stuff- some of which IS tech related, so I feel justified.

I’m absolutely sick of my homepage on my home laptop, so last night I switched. Usually, I don’t worry about such things but I was playing around with iGoogle and thought, wow, this could save me some time. An iGoogle homepage offers tons of customization. Once logged in, I have ready access to my gmail account, my google calendar, live weather, a to do list, news (customizable) and search boxes for google maps and wikipedia (which I use pretty frequently). There are tons of widgets that may be added also. I found a bloglines notifier widget, which is pretty helpful and for fun I added a flickr widget. Now that I have everything customized the way I want it, I have it up at work all of the time too.

In other news, Star blogged about a Firefox addon called Scribefire, which is a blog editor that is integrated into your browser. Intriguing! I like the idea of not having to flip back and forth between dashboard and the blog page. Must investigate…