Wiki Me

Hey, did you know Bloomington has a wiki? My husband-person has an article in Bloomingpedia. I’m slightly jealous but ultimately happy and secure in my anonymity.

I don’t have much to say about wikis, perhaps because I tend to use Wikipedia almost as much as I use Google. Wikis pretty much rock. Of all of the resources from the IUL2.0 post, I enjoyed perusing the Library Success for information on wikis and, in particular, the tips on starting your own wiki. There are other areas (go to the main page to view the “index”) that are not as robust, but who’s fault is that? Our own. I guess that’s what I like about wikis. Everyone is responsible for content. Unfortunately the openness can be
abused, but I like the fluidity and hyperlinks (as you may have noticed from my own posts) are my friends. The possibilities for use in the library are endless.

Another fun wiki I found:
Legend of Zelda Wiki (actually, there are tons of game and sci-fi wikis)