Web 2.0 Randomness

This seemed like an easy IUL 2.0 “thing” to get out of the way, until I realized how much time I killed doing it! Web 2.0 Awards is a black hole but I’m back and here’s what I liked (that was free and didn’t require signing in to play with):

  • ColorBlender – as my uber-artistically inclined hubby can tell you, I’m color coordinationally-challenged; he will never trust me to chose paint colors on my own and for good reason!
  • yourminis – the place to find widgets for your blog, website, homepage (such as iGoogle) and desktop
  • DiskRevolt – allows artists to give away or sell cards with redeem codes to be entered into the site for downloads; this seems like a great promotional tool, now all I have to do is start a band…

For giggles, check out the awards from 2006.