32nd and Final Thing

The final IUL2.0 post!

This post’s soundtrack, “It’s Over,” is brought to you by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Overall, I enjoyed the program because seriously, how often does your boss ask you to blog OTC? I had the opportunity to play with things I’ve never bothered with before and I had fun working with my colleagues. There were some technical snags with a few of the assignments, perhaps because this was a borrowed program.

I thought I’d wrap up this post by citing how the IUL2.0 project impacted me:

  1. Blogs. “Finally!” the world says, “She can type out all of her rantings instead of running her mouth at me!”
  2. RSS Readers. What did I do before Bloglines? Oh right, waste TONS of time. Now I can learn an instrument and start that band…
  3. Social Web. OK, so the project hasn’t turned me into an extrovert (would a true extrovert enjoy socializing on a computer anyway??) but I have come to appreciate the usefulness of social networking sites for those who enjoy interacting with others of the species.
  4. Google Docs. No more emailing myself these silly grocery and music-to-get notes. Oh, and when I’m traveling the world and the greatest novel in the English language comes pouring out of me, I will sing Google’s praises whilst happily tapping away at a keyboard. Those internet cafes are going to love me and my pretty, pretty money.

For those who may be reading, thanks.