The Indiana Daily Student ran a review of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf on Tuesday and I completely forgot to post it. You can find it here.

I was playing around in my LibraryThing account and discovered a cool widget that I will have to put on the blog. Until I do, be it known that I am currently diving into The Heat of the Day by Elizabeth Bowen. I haven’t read Bowen since I was an undergrad and thought I should give her another try. The language seemed quite dense in comparison to what I’ve read lately (a guilty pleasure: Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga) but the imagery is exquisite. Her characters are also quite big in the ‘what is left unsaid’ department, which is something I enjoy. The experience of reading Bowen thus far has been a lot like reading Plath (in particular, The Bell Jar): I slow down my reading to focus less on content and more on word craft.

I queried Tim for a good first read to break into Terry Pratchett with. His vote was to start out with Reaper Man (if I remember the title correctly). Any and all recommendations are welcome- just please don’t start me out in the middle of a series!

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Yep, it was Reaper Man. 🙂 You might want to check this out: hate the colors that the person used, but the information presented is good. You might notice that I pointed you to the second book in the Death series, and that’s because the first book, while decent, isn’t as good as the second book in my opinion and you don’t really need information obtained in the first book to enjoy the second. Pratchett has a habit of some books being good and then some being just OK, but the good news is that yes, if you read the books in order you will get more out of them (especially in the Watch series), but most of the books can be read out of order and still be fun.And by the way, so far I greatly prefer the audio version of his books, especially Nigel Planer (sp?). Stephen Briggs isn’t bad at all, but Nigel has a really nice reading voice (akin to person reading by the fire with book in hand). Anywho, the audio versions of the books really get me into the story a whole lot more, and with those two readers the characters really come “alive”.Have fun! :)T.


Agh, that graph is entirely too pink but extremely helpful. I like the audio book idea so I’m going to check MCPL for them. Thanks, Tim!


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