Life Music

Today’s Important Question

How would you spend $9.07 at the iTunes store? I’ve gotten a few music suggestions from various people recently but I love options. Suggestions welcome. Thanks Mom and Dad, the iTunes card was well spent (almost). A Kohls card (also a birthday gift from the parent creatures) was also well spent this morning- plus a […]


Treading Water

Last night found me balanced on the bathtub ledge trying to determine whether or not we have a water-saving shower head installed. Since moving in, I’ve assumed that these water-saving devices were installed. Why wouldn’t a property manger want to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars per year? But I shouldn’t assume that is the […]

Life Music Musical Interlude

I’m 2

Today marks the completion of two years’ work at IU Libraries. Go me. Time can be such a mind frag. Has anyone ever heard that a bird dumping on you is a sign of good luck? I’ve haven’t. Poor Libba! A vid of Eileen tearing it up- because it’s Friday and I feel like what […]