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Today’s Important Question

How would you spend $9.07 at the iTunes store? I’ve gotten a few music suggestions from various people recently but I love options. Suggestions welcome.

Thanks Mom and Dad, the iTunes card was well spent (almost). A Kohls card (also a birthday gift from the parent creatures) was also well spent this morning- plus a little extra. I justify that extra because I never clothes shop until I absolutely have to. Turns out I did pretty well. I came home with 2 short things (length between capris and shorts), some tops, a pair of sandals, the most comfortable bra ever made (I need to invest in more) and a necklace- all of which were on sale. The best part? I can wear it all to work and still dress it down with jeans when I get home.

I reverted back to a standard Blogger template because I was sick of my winter one. It will be June in less than two hours. I did try finding other templates but wasn’t happy. I even created one at PyscHo, which is an amazing tool but it doesn’t support the newer version of Blogger- and I’m now dependent on my nifty features. ARGH! Um, and I see that the site, at time of posting is currently down. Umm… I didn’t mean it. Come back…

Some day I will not be lazy. Some day I will write my own layout. Some day, not today.

Listening: “The Lamb and the Dragon” from Broken Bride by Ludo