In Need of God-smack

Priest to hold nun beauty pageant.

Are you frelling kidding me? Is poor image truly the worse fate that could befall a woman? Do you really think posters of hot nuns will win converts and improve public opinion? Would you really want those types of people converting to your religion anyway? Ridiculous.

Great idea, sisters. I’m sure the thousands of women worldwide who are suffering without clean drinking water, food, sanitation, housing, healthcare and childcare are simply beside themselves anticipating which nun will win.

One reply on “In Need of God-smack”

I’m having visions of Dogma here, with the more-friendly-image revamping and all.To tell you the truth, it never occurred to me to think that all nuns should be “old, stunted and sad”. I don’t need a beauty pageant to tell me that, just a brain.


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