Vivid Images, Musical Textures

I’ve had really vivid dreams the last two nights, which is odd, since I haven’t dreamed at all for years (or if I do, I don’t remember them). I woke up this morning feeling off-center again. It’s quite disorienting.

To help combat dream-residue weirdness, I’ve spent my morning listening to the music of Zoë Keating, a cellist who employs looping to weave gorgeous tapestries of sound. At times, her music is subtle and haunting. At other times, one can hear her rock influences being worked into the audio fabric. Give her MySpace listen. She also did a segment with WNYC’s RadioLab. I love the first song in the RadioLab segment, which is a new untitled piece. The interviews are great too because there are points where she is smiling for good portions- you can hear it in her voice.