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Is that a Banana in Your Pocket?

Does anyone have a child I can borrow? There was much in the way of limb flailing and high-pitched sounds, friends. Tim was witness- one of many at an otherwise sleepy Old Navy. Come on, who can’t resist a kid in a monkey suit?

In addition to inappropriate outbursts, Tim was also the victim (willing victim, astonishingly) of a shopping excursion to find something Rocky Horror-appropriate to wear in October (oh yeah, Russ is directing Rocky, info is here). I spent $10 (LOVE secondhand stores) on a skirt that could be altered to work (but I haven’t given up looking yet) and a shirt that I think is a keeper. I’m going for slutty librarian or possibly slutty zombie librarian.

Return your books or I’ll eat your brains.
Return your books AND I’ll eat your brains.


Said shopping excursion returned a mid-length olive-green corduroy jacket, much like the one in my profile pic. Russell is SO jealous (anyone who has seen this man’s wardrobe will know why). He didn’t say so, but his eyes turned greener and it was not due to the reflection of my cord jacket.

More from the ‘fun with camera phone’ department: unidentified small fuzzy mammal (USFM).

I spotted USFM in front of the dumpster at Bloomington Liquors this morning. I’ve seen it a few times on my way to work but this was the first time that USFM didn’t scurry away before I could snap a picture. Apologies for the sucktastic quality. I couldn’t get closer (a twitchy one that USFM!) and had to rely on zoom. Cute, whatever it is.

LISTENING: “Look Who’s Evil Now” from Evil Dead: the Musical