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Tricks and Treats

Happy Hallows I miss carving pumpkins with the fam but they find ways to make me smile. Rocky Horror Show closed last night. My evenings are mine once again! It was a really fun show and I met some great people but, as always happens right after a show, I’m feeling extremely anti-social. Apologies in […]


A Word from the Oh Crap Department

Ciarán finally has a surname. A Google search reveals that my character shares his name with a long-running UK soap opera character who was created a few years ago. Jackal character: Ciarán MacCarthyCoronation Street character: Ciaran McCarthy Head. Wall. Bang. I really like both the meaning (Ciarán means ‘little dark one’ and MacCarthy means ‘loving […]


Note Taking Solution

I explored several options for compiling and organizing my writing-related notes in my previous post. I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them. A week (or more??) ago, Tim set up a wiki on my domain (powered by MediaWiki). I think I’ve found a solution for organizing my note clutter. There’s a bit of a […]

Music Musical Interlude


This makes me happy. Andrew Volpe and the boys of Ludo performing “Love Me Dead” unplugged.


She Makes with the Thinks (or Not)

I read something over on Star’s blog that, in a perverse way, I was glad to read because Star is one whip-smart lady and if she is dumb, then that must make me High Priestess Dummy-pants. She talks about (among other things) reading critically and the experience of reading something and realizing that nothing is […]


Online Note Management

I’ve taken to using Google Documents for recording notes and the like for my Jackal project. I like using gDocs because my information is available where ever there is a computer with internet access and a web browser, the content is shareable (or not), it can be exported as a .doc, .html, or posted to […]


OBOB Voting

Here’s some voting practice for B-town locals: cast your vote for the book to be read during One Book One Bloomington! I haven’t read any of these titles but this looks like a pretty good selection.  I ended up voting for Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro although I will probably add all of […]

Culture Politics

Sociopolitical Ramble

Politics does not exist in a vacuum. Contrary to popular belief, ‘politics’ isn’t a dirty word either. It is simply policies that govern a society. I haven’t given much thought as to how current political events, namely, the election, will shape our society. Nancy asked me a question last night: whether blacks voting for Obama […]

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Making with the Crazies

I haven’t had much time to think about anything but Rocky lately; nonetheless, I will try to make sure that my posts don’t become too ‘blah Rocky blah blah’. This is just Week One, after all. That being said, I want to get another plug in, simply because I am so proud of this cast […]

Fiction General

Make Your Own Words

I saved this xkcd comic in my feed reader, knowing that it would eventually be discussed in this blog (be sure to read the alt text by letting your mouse hover over the image). While in junior high, I aspired to write a science fiction/fantasy trilogy. I am ashamed to admit that I peppered my […]