PIP 2.0

Welcome to Playing in Puddles 2.0.

The site is very much a work in progress and you’ll probably see many changes aesthetically (if not functionally). Apologies, I have a new shiny toy.

2 replies on “PIP 2.0”

Oooo, pretty. I like it! And: Welcome to WordPress. *grin* Questions, ask. I moved over from Blogger myself a while back, so I’ve had plenty of time to get some experience with it.

Get yourself the Akismet plugin if you haven’t; it’s beyootiful for handling spam before you even see it. I’ve rarely had any slip through it (and even then it usually comes to me as “please moderate this comment” rather than just getting posted), and I’ve never seen it spamtrap anything that wasn’t spam.


Thanks! And yes, I’ve read enough of your own posts on Akismet to know that it had to be the first thing I installed on all of my WP blogs. Even now Akismet is doing it’s thing…


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