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Can’t Uncurl Toes

I know I shouldn’t post on this because, in doing so, I’ll reveal myself to be no different than the rabid Twigirls out there who are also posting and gushing about this but I’ll take the risk.

The new Twilight poster is horrifying. It’s not the eyes (although the color should have been toned down, it looks cartoonish) or the pale skin, or the shadowing- it’s the pose. Edward is epitomized as the arrogant, possessive predator that I believe him to be in this poster. Seriously, try taking yourself out of your frame of reference, forget the love story, and the Edwardian (no pun intended) period charm and really look at the poster. He’s a monster. And Bella is reduced to a naive, wide-eyed victim. Nothing is said about her choice in this poster either, whereas Bella’s choice to be with Edward is present in the previous poster. Of course, with him looming over her, there was still a hint of creep factor in the first poster as well.

Ugh, but in a way, this poster did exactly what its creator intended for it to do. It makes me want to see the movie AND it compelled me to talk about the movie. Look ma, I’m a tool. Sigh. Perhaps Hardwicke injected a horror element into Twilight? Or perhaps I’m being optimistic. It could turn out to be more teenage drivel, in which case, I’m not sure it will be good even for a laugh. Will I see the movie? Still undecided.

With Breaking Dawn, the Twilight series became the horror story that I saw it as all along. Girls: to find happiness in love you must completely change who you are. Thanks, Meyer, great message.

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I assure you, there’s a world of difference between you and the rabid Twigirls. I can provide evidence, if you’ve forgotten how rabid they can get. Discussing the movie and its poster? Totally normal. Also, you’re not gushing. 😉

Poster: Ugh. Creepy, creepy. I had to look at this one a couple of times. First impression was pure predator; I remarked to Tim that if I hadn’t *known* that was Edward, I might almost have thought it was *James*. A second look, though… Predator, yes, but also that smug self-satisfied “she is mine” kind of look. He owns her, he knows it, this makes him happy. I could do without the hand on the arm; it only intensifies the possessiveness. “Hands off. Mine.”

Bella I’m on the fence about. I can see the wide-eyed innocent victim, but I also think there may be something about her expression that’s… Not quite to the level of defiant, but kind of, “Yeah. I wanna be a vampire so I can be with my One True Love for ever and ever and ever. How many times do I have to say this? I’m gonna do it, OK?”

In a way it actually gives me a little more confidence in the movie as an adaptation, though, because this poster is more expressive of Edward as I remember him from the books than anything else I’ve seen for the movie yet.

New trailer releases tonight, according to the official site. OK, yeah, I’m going to be a tool too and watch it, probably tomorrow morning. I’m not sure where my expectations are for the movie right now, but I have to admit, I’m curious. I’ll see the movie, eventually, though maybe on DVD.

Aaack. Didn’t mean to leave you a novel here, sorry.


Yay, comment love is back!

You know, someone else pointed out that Robert Pattinson is just smirky and that’s why Edward looks so smug in that lighting. Ooo-kay… but still, the direction could have been ‘look sad/worried/adoring/loving’ anything but ‘smirk like an as.shat.’

I also get where you’re going with Bella’s facial expression, especially if you focus only on her. As a couple composite, I’d feel more confident about this assessment if she were facing him. His body language screams predator, which kills any sense of intimacy between the two. Gah, you’re right. That could be James latching onto her. Toe curl.


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