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As you may have guessed from my previous post, I installed a couple plugins yesterday.

  • RSS Footer allows you to add a custom footer that will appear on each post in your feed.
  • WP Existing Tags displays all of your tags in post-writing mode.

The later was something I missed about Blogger. Opening up ‘Manage Tags’ in a new tab every time I wanted to publish a post was getting old; the librarian in me doesn’t like having the tag ‘ebooks’ AND ‘ebook’. Ecgh.

A few other plugins I may give a try:

  • Meta Robots adds meta tags to the header of your blog to instruct robots what to do with your site.
  • Advanced Excerpt gives you more control over WordPress’s existing Excerpt feature (which I don’t use on the cursedstorm domain but I may consider using it on the Starrynight blog).
  • Feed Pauser gives you a time window (which is customizable) to review your published post and make any edits before your post becomes available via RSS. I almost always discover a stupid spelling error or left out word after I post, no matter how many times I edit before publishing.

In addition to the plugins I already mentioned, I use Akismet and Stats. Do those of you using WordPress have any must-have plugin suggestions? Please share.


I logged into my work computer this morning to find that UITS and/or LIT pushed down GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program. I’ve been meaning to give GIMP a try, after someone mentioned it as an alternative to shelling out $600 (that’s with the education discount) for Adobe CS4. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but it looks quite promising- promising enough to download at home.

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Akismet is my #1 all-time must-have plugin, especially for WordPress bloggers (like me) who do not require a login to comment and are therefore leaving themselves more open to spam.

I also use Admin Drop-Down Menu, though I should note that for some reason it seems to not work properly on my reading blog…. even though it works fine on my main blog and the two are running the same version of both WordPress and the plugin. Weird.

Motivational Quote displays quotes on your admin page; I’ve modified it to use my quotes rather than the ones the author chose. (In retrospect, I could have done this with the Hello Dolly plugin that comes with WordPress. Oh, well.)

And finally, My Link Order allows me to customize the order in which my links display. It only works with WordPress themes that support the new modular layout, though, and there are still some floating around that don’t. I use this on my reading blog, mostly, to keep my “recently read” and “currently reading” lists in order.

Also the backup plugin that comes with WordPress.

And I may grab some of the ones you mentioned, too, especially the Feed Pauser! Because I do the same thing. (Of course, just as often I don’t catch it until hours later when Dad e-mails me going, “Uh… you spelled this wrong,” so you know.)


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