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A Zombie Christmas Carol

Mr. Fantastic Fiction is back over at Libba Bray’s blog. Huzzah for paragraph-long sentences! And zombies. In fact, Mr. FF believes that any piece of literature can be improved by the appearance of the undead. Mr. FF offers the following example (and many more):

Moby Dick: Two words—Zombie. Whale.


Mr. FF issued the following writing assignment: chose any piece of “literature” (his quotes, not mine) and add a zombie scene. Hmm… Dickens might be improved by zombies. Perhaps Mrs. Dalloway. Or The Yearling. Emmett Cullen would make a pretty damn terrifying zombie.

Edward (whine): Carlisle, Emmett’s eating Bella’s brains again.

Emmett: … (gnawing)

Rosalie: Yay!

Jasper: (talking over Rosalie) You can’t even read her mind, Edward. Don’t pretend you want her for her brains, you blood-crazed lecher.

Alice: (slapping Jasper on the arm) Jazzy, we LIKE Bella. And Edward loves her for her personality.

Jasper: … (blink)

Rosalie: Hah!

Esme: (shouting from other room) You’re cleaning that up!