Who’s Driving this Thing?!

Depending upon a) when you may have stopped by today and b) if you stopped by at all (RSS subscribers wouldn’t actually see my site), you may have noticed some weird things going on with Puddles. I’m sprucing for the new year. My current theme (Typebased from WooThemes) is rather spartan but I’m not sure I’ll even be sticking with it. I may show off a few other options that are… very NOT spartan. They’re pretty on first glance but can be a bit busy when you’re actually trying to find some information- hence why I haven’t implemented them thus far.

Some new WordPress plugins that I’m playing with:

  • Snazzy Archives by Vladimir Prelovac gives you a graphical way of representing your archives. Click on the Archives page at the top my page to see this in action. I’ve only seen this in Firefox 3.0.5 and, although not perfect, this isn’t the only way to access my archives. WordPress has a quite a bit of redundancy.
  • WP Super Edit enhances and allows for customization of the WYSIWYG editor. I haven’t even really begun to play with this but I will, comrades.
  • cforms II allows for the creation and maintenance of multiple contact forms throughout your site using AJAX. It has lots of options, which I haven’t even begun to explore. I’m considering this plugin for the Starrynight Productions blog because our contact page is so pitiful.
  • Blog Icons adds a  favicon as well as an iPhone/iPod Touch icon and feed image to your blog.  I found out how to do this by manually editing my last theme but of course I can’t just stick with one theme! This plugin will solve the issue no matter how many times I get bored with my theme.
  • Robots Meta is a customizable robot meta tag handler. Also a plugin I thought I already installed. Weird.