Lately, the only chatter on this blog has been housekeeping-related or private (only because those posts were more very specific notes-to-self and incoherent). So I thought I’d update.

I haven’t done any writing although I did some more character sketching over the holiday break (although sadly, I did this on paper so I will have to get that onto the wiki at some point). I fleshed out Ciarán’s background and pondered over relationships some more. I think it will be a challenge getting Ramona’s family dynamic just right, especially if I decide to go with the ‘stolen child’ plot line, à la Irish (and other cultures’) tales of children being spirited away.

I’ve also found that the tone is evolving. At first, there was a strictly fantasy/adventure feel, then horror, and, most recently, a fairytale-like quality. This isn’t necessarily a problem, especially since practically nothing has been written yet. Up until now tone wasn’t something I was even thinking about.

In an attempt to find some inspiration, I’ve been referring to books from Russell’s library as well as IU library to do some research on ancient Egyptian ideas about the afterlife. I have lots of flagged chapters to skim through when I have a free moment.