In Which I Ramble and Bore All

Curious thing: I feel incredibly busy but have no recent accomplishments to speak of. OK, who among you is wasting my time?

Sigh. The answer is me but this weekend wasn’t a complete washout- I worked more than usual this weekend (money is useful), got the Banshee film blog up and running (if only the cast and crew had time to post!) and did the food shopping and other trivial errands. I guess I was more frustrated with my yo-yoing moods this weekend. While enduring monotony at Avers I was scheming out how to organize all of the props and costumes we have thrown into a pile in our ‘closet.’ When I got home I was a woman on a mission but then I was on the phone talking to family, got comfy on the bed and ended up napping after said phone conversation. After that, I was completely useless on Saturday. Energy. Gone.

Sunday was much better- no weird mood/energy swings but I did errands before working at 10 and then came home and was on the phone again (I guess I’ve been a little lonely with Russell busy shooting a film) and then set up the Banshee Blog. This blog wasn’t exactly planned and getting a theme up and edited, and all of the plugins installed and working is time consuming- not that I mind! I really love working with WordPress. I even created an image in Photoshop on the fly for the site (oh, yeah, Adobe CS4 Design Premium is on my laptop now).

My ramble has become so insufferably dull that I have bored myself and forgotten my point. Apologies. Trying again.

Um, I fell on my ass today. I tweeted about it so I don’t want to detail it here. The gist: this morning’s gravity was stronger because the earth was trying to figure out its place in the universe and began to feel a bit dense; ice was pissed-the-frell-off at bipeds, automobiles and anything that travels across it’s slick, cold surface; and the earth, beginning to feel quite lonely and listless began hiccuping in its rotation, leaving bio-organisms and inanimate objects alike to lurch about on its surface in an unseemly fashion. At least, that’s how I saw it.

Lunch was terrible. The apple that has been sitting at my desk for about a week had started to go funny. I ate it anyway because it was still better than whatever it was that served as breadsticks from the library foodcourt. Oh bagel sandwich, it wasn’t meant to be I suppose.

The word-vomit will be less vomity next post. Promise.