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Weekend Redux

My weekend slipped by once again. There were a few fun highlights in the mix of Aver’s (Fri, Sat and Sun shifts), web maintenance, and Banshee blogging. I hung out with Tim for a bit, went out with the hubby on Sunday and I managed to squeeze in some reading (Drawing of the Three, Stephen King). Far from a terrible weekend by all means but naturally, I felt like I got nothing done. I had aspirations of cleaning. I fear there is a whole new mess waiting to descend on our tiny apartment now that principle filming for Banshee is just about done (this morning was the final day before scheduled pick-ups in March and July). More costumes. More props. And all of our lighting equipment is returning. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please send the coroner to dig my body out of the wreckage that will soon be my home.

Maybe this is a common feeling when you’re living in an apartment: it’s a place to stay, to keep your stuff, until Later comes and you move all of your shit somewhere else. It’s not a home. I guess it never was. Oh well. I ought to be counting myself damn lucky that I have a secure job and a roof over my head at all.

I caught up on Dollhouse on Saturday (no TV for us, just Hulu). Thoughts? It’s not the greatest television I’ve ever seen but it’s entertaining enough that I’ll give it my attention next week. The set is SO pretty. I’d love to tour the Dollhouse. Oh, and as I am writing this, I received a notification from Hulu that there is a new episode of Legend of the Seeker. I managed to watch Episode 6 (my 5, almost 6 year-old laptop has some weird issues with video so it was a rather painful process without Russell’s laptop handy). Richard’s fight scenes are still comical but I admire Bridget Regan’s work on the show more and more (she plays Kahlan). She’s clearly done her homework and built an emotional life for her character. So even when Richard does something entirely unimpressive, I believe that Kahlan believes he is the most amazing thing since… well, the last Seeker.

No TV means no Oscars for me, but the #oscar traffic on Twitter was unreal last night, so I got the play-by-plays. I heard Hugh Jackman was a great host, not that I’m terribly surprised there, and that the music was good. Other thoughts?