Libraries Life

Mid May

A half a month and not a single post later, I think I am finally recovered from BEDA. And now for a recap.

Derby Day

Russell, Jenny and Roy, 2009 Derby Day
The Derby Day Party is an annual event that Roy has thrown for his close friends and family for many years. I went with Russell this year and had a great time. Naturally, Roy fixed amazing food and drink- burgoo and some very strong mint juleps (more on Kentucky Derby traditions, for the curious). We drew horses. Mine did not win. I consoled myself with good conversation and a bowl of burgoo. If I haven’t mentioned Roy here before, Russell works with Roy in theatre and film (and Roy got him a job working in the research park near the Showers Building). Roy is very talented and something of a Renaissance man; he has a background in classical lanugauges (Latin and I think Greek), draws, paints, cooks, loves film (good and schlocky), philosophy and is a programmer by day. He is a wit, quite funny, and one of the nicest fellows I know. If you should happen to hear that he is in a show in Bloomington, go see him!

Oh. So you do… what?

I started a new position on May 4th, which is going very well. I’m enjoying the work and my plants are enjoying the window. The hibiscus is even blooming again. Yay!

A workspace in a library cataloging department.

So what am I doing? At the moment, I’m encoding books, meeting new people, and dreaming big. My job is to lead metadata projects in Technical Services (TS) and act as laison between TS and the Digital Library Program. What this really translates into is me having far too much fun for a job : ) The work suits me and I really like being in both worlds, one comprised of traditional MARC cataloging and the other of web-ready, shareable metadata and electronic full-text. Hopefully, we’ll get work done that is useful to people.

Well, I intended this to be longer but I’m sleepy. Maybe some reading before bedtime.