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WrAnyMo WrApUp

I’ve developed this habit of starting drafts and forgetting about them for a week or two, possibly a carryover of blogging privately. Oops. Here’s a slightly dusty post from Dec 2nd.

I refuse to accept that WrAnyMo was a resounding failure. Sure, I only made about 22% of my goal to write 30,000 words in the month of November but I learned something pretty important about my habits: I spend way too much time reading. It’s true. I spend a lot of time reading RSS feeds– in the morning, throughout the day and at night. Am I better for it? Probably not. A handful of items out of a couple hundred a day that are useful, insightful or otherwise provide that daily ounce of “Oh, cool” simply doesn’t offset the amount of time this eats out of my day. The rewards are too small for the time I put in. I look forward to not feeling obligated to read or at least clear out every new post in Google Reader. That’s really what keeps me hitting my feeds every four hours. I see that stupid number in the red bubble on my iPod and it makes me feel like the news needs my attention NOW. No, this needs to stop wasting my time.

Spending less time pouring over largely forgettable interweb droppings will, I hope, leave me more time to read GOOD things– literature and short fiction. It’s been ages since I’ve dissected a poem or applied the ‘critical theory flavor of the day’ to fiction. Reading good literature makes me want to write about it, meaning that finding more time to read often means finding more time to write too.

But feeds only take up so much of my day. What about the rest of my time? During the middle of the month, sloth was a huge problem. Then, during the final week of WrAnyMo, I started exercising. Suddenly I had more energy. What to do? I started reading more and I jumped back on projects that I’ve put off. So working out=energy to do other things. And, since Tim and I replaced walking time (3x a week) with work out time, working out does NOT equal more time out of my schedule.

December then will be another month of adjustments:

  • Finding a fourth day a week to exercise (already tried with mixed success)
  • Blogging a minimum of once a week (I’m with ya, Jessie!)
  • Trimming the amount of the feeds I read.