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It is entirely coincidental that this long-overdue blog post is appearing on the first of April. “Jen! Are YOU doing BEDA?” No, gentle reader, I’m not quite crazy enough to declare myself a BEDA participant on a whim. Working fourteen-hour days and then having to blog at 11pm just might break me. Fortunately, fearless leader MJ, founder of BEDA, Keeper of the Jars, has decreed that this year BEDA is Blog Every Day in August. It seems I have time to put off the decision to BEDA or not to BEDA–if I might use an acronym a verb.

And now from the Notes on Life Dept., these messages:

Gramma Anna generously gave her van to Russell and me. I thought about naming it The Roch (pronounced ‘rock’)– it’s sturdy and reliable and you can count on it, just like Gramma (and Grandpa, so I hear). Russell, however, will probably want to name it TARDIS because IS teal and boxy. As we intend for the van to be the first of what might someday be a fleet of Starrynight commercial vehicles, it will probably just be known as Number One. Which makes me think of Will Riker. Which makes me giggle–mostly at the image of Riker behind the wheel of an Aerostar. But as long as long as I’m paying for the van, I have naming dibs. Until Starrynight can take over the bills, it’s my Roch.

I started listening to Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey on walks to work and plan to listen to Lady Susan immediately after, thereby finishing the volume of complete works that has been sitting in my goodreads queue forever. I’m still forging ahead on Dragonriders of Pern during bus rides and breaks at work. I’ve stopped requesting books at the library in hopes that I can focus on finishing what I’ve been reading since the end of last year. Clearly, I have book ADD. To those whom I’ve borrowed books from: apologies! If you need your books back, just lemme know.

Last in the news, I’ve been maintaining the same weight for two weeks; however, my clothes are still getting looser. Losing inches not pounds? Gaining muscle? Not a clue. I do know that I feel great, aside from the whole allergy/asthma thing and, as Tim pointed out to me a couple weeks ago, exercise really helps those kinds of ailments. Overall, I’m pretty happy about how things are going. If I was going to set any new goals, I want to start stretching everyday for at least 15 minutes. I’ve limbered up a lot but I’m still not as flexible as I used to be. And it just feels good.

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, I will list five things about myself. One is not true:

  1. I’ve never smoked in my life.
  2. I’ve thrown animal crackers at people from high atop a Ferris wheel.
  3. I’m hopelessly addicted to chocolate: dark, milk and white, I love them all.
  4. I wanted to be a horse when I was little.
  5. I hold a few belts in hapkido.

OK, OK! The name Number One is growing on me. A little. “Make it so, Number One!”

One reply on “No Joke”

Aaargh! I totally forgot about BEDA. As for acronyms as verbs… I can’t really say much, as I was just drafting a “to NaNo or not to NaNo” post for Journal. So. Um. Yes! It’s allowed! ::grin::

Inches, not pounds: Likely. It does happen sometimes. 🙂 That’s progress too! ::cheerleads a little::


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