In which I do some lower-sodium cooking.

I’ve been making slow progress on the scarf. Jessie showed me a new stitch to try to mix it up a little. She also SAVED me when I dropped a stitch. Woo!

A knitting project sits on a knitting needle. A dark cat picks up the knitting need in her mouth.
Calli picks up knitting too.

The last two Wednesdays, I’ve made dinner at House Johnson, which entails low-sodium cooking. Two weeks ago, I adapted my usual chicken pot pie recipe into a low-sodium variety using Sara’s bechamel instead of the usual condensed soup. It turned out decently. I’m going to explore ways to amp up the chicken flavor for the next time I make it. Last Wednesday, I tried a low-sodium, low-potassium meat loaf recipe. We could not find low-sodium ketchup in our grocery stores so we substituted low-sodium tomato sauce and I added in a tablespoon of Sara’s homemade pickled relish. It turned out alright but the recipe really does need ketchup. More tweaking to be done! When I come up with a recipe worth sharing, I’ll do so here.

This week I didn’t have any ideas until AFTER the weekly grocery shopping was already done but in the meantime, I will explore ways to make my stuffed pepper recipe lower-sodium.

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