Come for the shiny, stay for the…

Today, I will be that girl with the shiny toy.

Things that may help me write more:

  1. Only working 40 hours a week now. No 2nd job. Wahoo!
  2. Acquisition of a new shiny.

I’ve officially declared my 2003 HP laptop dead, after a number of resuscitations. I type at you now on an iPad. It IS an experience completely unlike typing on a laptop. I can’t recommend it for everyone. It does what I need it to do when I’m mobile. If I end up with a car after the divorce, I’ll look into a desktop solution to handle everything else, like running the Adobe suite and, you know, a DVD-ROM. That aside, the iPad takes zero time to boot and I can blog, edit wikis, tweak CSS, do the social web thing, read books and comics and watch streaming video. Did I mention that it’s shiny? I can check my hair in between meetings. Totally rad.

I haven’t been doing a lot of creative writing but I have been getting in some journaling. Most of it is self-therapy, private kind of scribbling, so it’s not showing up here. Hope to change that soon. A bit of my rantiness is coming back (Oh, HI, world. So sorry, I forgot you were there in my self-absorbed musings…), so at the very least I can start blogging again.

No new writing goals right now. I’m still adjusting to this my-weekends-are-free-now thing. I’m enjoying all of the possibilities for reinvention.