In which I move the blog to higher ground to prevent its submersion.


verb. Latin for to change about

“To change about” nicely summarizes a weekend’s effort to resurrect this blog and find it a new hosting solution. Mind yourselves, gentle readers. I haven’t yet tracked down all of the infinite loops and dead ends that often result from a migration.

I’ve been marveling, of late, at how ill-prepared humans are to cope with change. How is this possible? We discovered fire like, a second ago and look at all we’ve been up to since then. Shouldn’t we have a handle on this now?

Evidently, not. Researchers continue to learn new things about how our brains help and hinder our ability to take in new information and exercise judgment. Look up “amygdala hijack” or “ladder of inference.” Despite all of the big and small ways our lives and societies are constantly changing, our minds are often very slow to catch on. Add fear to the mix (mostly in the guise of fear’s other faces, stress and anxiety) and you have the perfect concoction for a day spent avoiding a decision.

When first presented with the notion of finding another hosting solution for this thirteen-year-old blog, my first thought was, I don’t use the blog much anyway. Maybe it’s time to switch the server off. I sat with my initial reaction a bit and realized that my gut reaction was incredibly short-sighted. I had fallen into that weird rush of biochemical signals that is the brain-body-brain feedback loop: the one in which logic, reason, and the realization of long-term goals are just not winning the day.

As you can see, I decided to keep this space around. Playing in Puddles is now available at The former site ( isn’t redirecting. I know, this should appall me. It does not. Trānsmūto. I change about.

Find your way through the puddles, friends.