Sweet Endings

For the record, Carolina Crown’s 2008 show Finis looks and sounds like it will be amazing. Mom saw an article in the Herald Times (yes, the parent creatures are visiting, yay!) so we dropped by and watched ensemble last night at Bloomington High School South. We walked into the stands to Clair de Lune (which […]


Tempestuousness in the Park

Last night, I saw a tech rehearsal of The Tempest, directed by Ben Aldred and produced by our very own Monroe County Civic Theater. I’m a fan of Ben’s work (Marx Bros. meet Will in Twelfth Night, 2006) and was intrigued by his concept for The Tempest. Roy (Prospero) continues to bowl me over with […]


Obfuscation is My Guilty Pleasure

“I bet Jon Stewart has a huge right frontal lobe…” -Dr. Katherine P. Rankin TWSS? The quote, on the very quotable and snarktastic JS, is from a New York Times article on the comprehension of sarcasm in the brain. Some, due to head injury or certain types of dementia, cannot detect sarcasm. It’d be interesting […]