In which I post pictures of adorable and make low-sodium stuffed bell peppers.

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Life, a Miscellany

These last two weeks, I’ve lacked inspiration and I’ve had little time to do much besides getting the new Starrynight website ready to go live. I still have a lot of content to move but I don’t anticipate the style and navigation to change drastically. Unless of course, some tells me that hate so-and-so and […]

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This is Not News

I’ve been doing a lot of work in WordPress lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) for you, fair reader, all of said work has been on the back end. What on earth have I been doing all of this time?


DCI World Class 2009 Programs

For those of us following along at home, here is a list of 2009 programs as announced by competing DCI World Class corps. I’ve also included links to #drumcorps who are on Twitter. This list is as complete as possible at time of posting. I will Tweet future updates to this list on my Twitter […]

Holidays Musical Interlude

Tis the Season

For this Friday’s Musical Interlude, I thought I’d go with something seasonal. I’ve always liked Deck the Halls. This arrangement is pretty bad ass (and played by a truly bad ass horn line). Happy Solstice, Christmas, Festivus, etc., etc. Carolina Crown, July 2008(Yes, I’ve been waiting for months to post this.)

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That Which is Sacred

I think I may love these boys and girls. Carolina Crown and the final Passing of the Metronome (when the metronome is passed from pit to staff- more description in the comments at YouTube). Here’s a link to the same from a different angle.

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Follow Your Star

News I’m excited about: DCI just announced that the alumni of Star of Indiana (the same folks who later created Blast) will be giving an exhibition performance at the 2010 World Championships in Indianapolis. Star will be doing a ‘best of’ from their past shows. They MUST do Medea from their 1993 show (the corp’s […]

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Weekend Wonders

In a flurry of happenings this weekend, I didn’t get a chance to post about Saturday. I finally saw the Indianapolis Zoo, which was quite enjoyable. Tim and I were there when the gates opened, so we had the run of the place. We encountered some quirky emus. One seemed to think that a map […]


Your Corp Just Melted My Brain

And this happened over and over and over again. From the bottom of the pack to Phantom, I enjoyed all of the shows. I loved Madison Scouts’ musical selection and really enjoyed Boston Crusader’s show, Neocosmos. I loved that the Blue Coats sustained the “On the Waterfront” theme throughout their show, The Knockout. There were […]


Just broke

I finished Breaking Dawn on Wednesday; days later, I still don’t know what to think about it. I’m conflicted. I look forward to Sara finishing it, so that I have someone to discuss it with. On a brighter note- WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS TONIGHT!